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By Monday May 22nd, 2017 Investment

Ghana: Fresh Approach to Challenges. Meetings in Accra and in Washington with newly elected ministers and policymakers have changed our view of Ghana (for the better)….

Ghana: Getting Government Out of the Private Sector’s Way. Reforms in power, customs, and taxation could open the way for private-sector firms to prosper, in our view.

Nigeria is Inching toward Recovery. We maintain our positive long-term view on the outlook for Africa’s highest-potential economy. For size, scale, and commercial dynamism, Nigeria can’t be matched on the continent, in our opinion. We are aware that potential must be realized for it to matter—and we believe things are changing.

What’s Working in Nigeria? Truce in the Niger River Delta means gas is flowing to power plants… Domestic food production is rising, and there’s movement toward reinvigorating old and building new fuel refining capacity…

What’s Holding Nigeria Back? The CBN continues to manage forex at above-par levels… Power-sector risk remains high.

Sectors Covered in the Report: rail transport, power, agribusiness, mining, and banking.

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