Corporate Advisory: Capital Raising and Strategic Acquisitions & Divestitures

Frontier investors are difficult to access. Inside Consulting Partners has built strong relationships over the past decade to form a strong and relevant investor network in the Middle East, Africa and Asia regions. Our capital raising services focus on strategic value creation.

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Our own experience as investors across all sectors means that we understand the interests of our funding partners and can perform serious due diligence and financial modeling of potential opportunities. This serves both to guide entrepreneurs and project promoters toward creating a solid value proposition and also ensuring that the investors in our network are shown promising and well-developed prospective deals. We are determined to serve the needs of our clients, whether on the buy or sell-side and can advise on all steps of a transaction as well as provide advice on more complex financial structures. More importantly we have a number of resources in our arsenal including access to a $120 million private equity arm and a large family office; in addition, we have been able to take up a number of strategic positions and finance a number of growth opportunities. These include financing industrial projects, creating joint ventures and providing for growth capital. Each mandate is exclusive and has already gone through significant scrutiny and due diligence.

Our sevices focus primarly on :
  • Debt financing or restructuring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Capital Raising
  • Liquidation of an asset or minority stake
  • Sourcing of strategic investors
  • Franchise financing and Intellectual Property (IP) distribution
  • Pension Funds
Our Sweet Spot
  • Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Family Offices
  • Sector agnostic however significant experience with financial technology, trust and IFA (Independent Financial Advisors) companies
  • Ideal transaction sizes are less than $200 million

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