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At Inside Consulting Partners, we believe in providing our client base with innovative and unique products that address specific requirements. This could span from helping them manage their market data vendor costs, to financial institutions looking to put together a white labelled yield offering for its client base.  As a result, together with our Product Partners, we develop, market and service pioneering solutions that meet our client demands.  In return, the Product Partner benefits from fantastic sales distribution opportunities, an improved Return On Investment, and a larger brand footprint.  We are paid very simply on the philosophy of “We eat what we kill’.

We look for the following criteria to become a Product Partner.  Historically,  the sales distribution segment of Inside Consulting Partners focused on two types of businesses :
Institutional Funds
  1. Established product which is defined as having at least $100 million of assets under management with a three year track record.
  2. Must have a unique offering.  Alternative investments are preferred with yield and low volatilities. Sharia investments are also highly desirable.
  3. Seeking expansion into the Middle East, Africa and/or Asia markets.
Technology Products and Services
  1. Established products defined as having at least three current clients.
  2. At least three years in business with enough working capital to drive the business for the next eighteen months.
  3. Seeking expansion into the Middle East, Africa and/or Asia markets.
  4. At least one key investor with deep pockets.
We are open to new business lines. If you would like us to help expand your sales distribution into the Middle East, Africa and/or Asia please contact the Inside Consulting Partners Scheme.

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